Police Magazine needs to hire some new marketing people

This magazine came in the mail today, and I gotta say – I’m flabbergasted.


Where do I even begin to explain what’s wrong with this stupid thing?

First of all, that cop is not properly uniformed at all, no badges, insignia, or ID of any kind. Looks like a crappy costume, AT BEST.

Second, and even more importantly – Why on earth would a police magazine want their front page image to be of some dude getting arrested? Surely there are countless other functions that a police officer fulfills that would be more suitable to a magazine cover? Or more favourable to their image? Whoever thought this shot was front page stuff needs to be fired stat.

Oh wait. This explains a lot.


Phew. I’m happy to hear that this bizarro magazine is NOT the work of the official Ottawa Police Department.But still – to whomever is publishing this weird magazine, you need to rethink your photo selection process.

So, fellow Ottawans, if you received this piece of junk publication, toss it. And definitely don’t buy ad space in it.


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