It’s summer! Where does the time go?!

Oh lordy loo, it’s June already!

I must admit I’ve been feeling guilty for not updating the site in a while, but it’s actually for a great reason! I’ve been very busy at my day job, having been promoted in January. New title – Member Communications Specialist. Yes, folks. I have been recognized by a National Non-Profit as a Specialist. Feels pretty good.

So my new duties have kept me busy, including lots of travel, but now that a few major work events have concluded, I’m here to refocus some energy on Quirk Communications. This is my baby, my passion project, and I’m still interested in helping YOU with your comms and marketing needs.

Summer is a great time to invest some time and energy into marketing your business as it gives you the opportunity to TAKE IT OUTSIDE! Not in the bar-fight kinda way, but in the sunshine, barbecue, happy good times kinda way!

If you’re living in a place like I do where hibernating December through March is a way of life, all you want to do come spring and summer is be outside. For example, here is my ideal summer office:


But for you and your business or product, I recommend using the nice weather as an opportunity for a pop-up shop or sidewalk sale. A mini-event like this gives you great visibility and foot traffic at very little cost. Put your brand into a new context, have it seen by people who otherwise might not have, and interact with the community. It’s win-win-win. You can even add a little flair with entertainment, prizes, discounts, I could go on!

Need help organizing and promoting such an event? That’s where I can help. I can get the word out for you, bring clients to you, and generate hype for your product or business.

Drop me a line and we can figure out your summer strategy!


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