Smuloween Season 3 is upon us!

It’s October, and you know what that means!

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The always-incredible Chanticleer is hosting the most fantasmagorical Halloween costume and singing contest on the internet! This year marks the third edition of this spooky event on the singing app Smule, which was conceived by Chanticleer herself. Not only does she act as host and judge the competition’s THOUSANDS of entries,  without fail she produces an awe-inspiring music video with her own makeup and costume creations on display.

So. much. talent.

Check out the trailer for #SmuloweenS3!

Chanticleer herself tells me that she’s working on a very special video this year. I’ve had a sneak peek and, let me tell you, your head will explode with all the fun visuals! I’ll post it here when it’s ready, as well as the winner of Season 3, which is sure to up the ante from last year!


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