Social Media & Web

Original published writing and mass communications

Media relations

  • I handle press and media requests for online singer and cosplayer Chanticleer. In 2015, as a result of a press release distributed by Quirk Comms, Chanticleer appeared on the morning show at Live 88.5 to discuss her viral internet status. Listen to the interview here. View the press release here.
  • Various media releases for the RAIC

Other internet projects:

  • SingToMeShow.com : I conceived of the project on behalf of the client, wrote scripts, filmed, edited, uploaded, promoted the videos and managed the Youtube channel and related Facebook page. The project has since retired.
  • Cinema Obsessed : A personal blog project containing movie reviews (written and video), awarded Blogger’s Blog of Note and various blogging awards from 2009-2012. The project has been retired.