The Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Social Media

One of the biggest challenges I face when recruiting new clients is the question of WHY. “Why should I bother with Facebook?” says the CEO of a car dealership. “What can Instagram do for my bottom line?” says the owner of the local pizza joint as he rolls his eyes.

I have the same conversation over and over again, which is convincing business owners, big and small, that a social media strategy is an integral part of any communications plan nowadays, with proven results.

Either taking the time to execute your social strategy yourself, or outsourcing it to someone like me, is now regarded as a cost of doing business. Simply put, if you’re too busy to do it, someone else needs to do it for you. Or you’ll miss out.

Here are my top 3 reasons your business needs to be on social media:



It’s 2019 and if your company doesn’t have a Facebook page, you immediately lose credibility in the market. Social media is now one of the top places customers find new products and services for the first time. Milennials, Gen Z-ers, and even Baby Boomers will type your company name into the Facebook search bar almost as often as they’ll search with Google. And what’s internet marketing rule #1? IF IT TAKES MORE THAN TWO CLICKS, PEOPLE GIVE UP.

So be there when people are looking for you or your product. If you can’t be found, potential customers will basically assume you don’t exist and move on to the company that popped up when they searched “local bakery.” Basically, your competition is already there, so you need to be too.




Using social media is a great way to be able to interact with your customers and target audience directly. You can see what they have to say about your product or service, what they like and react to, where they come from, their demographics, etc. Apart from your followers’ direct feedback like comments, shares, and likes, built-in analytic tools help you get in-depth information about your audience and potential clients.

Shell out big bucks for an ad on television or in a magazine and you won’t get the same kind of real-time interaction and information that you would if you posted on Facebook. Traditional media, although wide reaching and effective in other ways, is costly and doesn’t put you in the same direct contact with the market.

And on that note…




Aside from a fee you might pay for someone to manage your accounts, the big social media platforms are all free to use. No web hosting fees, no domain name registration, no complicated IT systems or coding knowledge necessary.

When used properly, they’re a great way to create brand awareness, interact with your potential customers, network and make business connections, and reach people who would have otherwise never heard of your company.

There are paid opportunities as well that can yield great results, like Facebook and Instagram ads. Even if you have little marketing know-how, these programs make it a simple process by holding your hand through defining goals, audience selection, and budget. You can get a pretty good return on a very meager Facebook ad budget.

On these free social media platforms you can post videos, photos, information, company updates, survey your customers, get ratings and reviews, and more, all with basic free accounts. Think of social media as the secondary, social and interactive addendum to your official website.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to have that visibility in the place where all the modern conversations are happening. Let’s launch your business into the realm of social media and start getting you some results!

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